British Summertime Has Arrived!

British Summertime Has Arrived!

Keep your children fit whilst boosting your own activity levels at the same time.

On Sunday March 26th as well as being a special day for mums, it was also the day that we finally got to see more daylight in our waking hours. The clocks might go forward an hour, so we lose an hour but isn’t it worth it to get more daylight in our day. Make the most of the gorgeous weather we are currently having and get outside with your children. Whether they play for a club or just for their own enjoyment, using some of our equipment will set them on their way to being, healthy, fit and happy. In addition, mums and dads will be able to join in and improve their own wellbeing. We all get a spring in our step once the lighter, longer days arrive.

After a long, busy day at the office or your work it is surprising how just 30 minutes to an hour of fun activity can be beneficial to our own health, and your children will be happy to spend the time with you and their friends enjoying the lighter nights. Football is a game everyone can play in some form. Whether a beginner or an expert, we have the football training equipment that you need to get started on your fitness and have fun at the same time. Make the most of the lighter evenings and longer days. After the unpredictability of the last couple of years of restrictions, it’s a wonderful feeling to think about getting together with our friends and family again. 

From 21st December, the UK gets lighter by 2 minutes and 7 seconds every day. Though the actual temperatures start to pick up during the Spring and Summer months.


Powershot Quickfire Futsal / Football Speed Goal - 3m x 2m

Our outdoor equipment is ideal to use in your garden, and is so easily portable to take out with you whenever you prefer. The local parks start to extend their opening hours to enable you to enjoy the lighter evenings and our products are ideal for taking along. The portable goals are brilliant and so lightweight. You can also use the training football if you have a smaller garden. This will avoid any stray balls or irate neighbours if the ball goes over into next door.


Both the NHS and The World Health Organisation, suggest that young children over 5, and up to 18 should aim for an average of 60minutes a day of moderate or vigorous activity. Our equipment is ideal for your child to easily maximise this, whether on their own, with friends or with yourselves. Even grandparents can enjoy our equipment as it is so versatile. Much better than sitting in front of a tv screen or playing video games indoors.

Our equipment is chosen to provide access to football skills that build strength and improve co-ordination. It is accessible to all and provides regular activity to improve heart health, avoid diabetes, maintain a healthy weight and improve mental health.


Solo ball trainer
Children can train at their own pace using our equipment. It is accessible to all and, after such a hard time during the last couple of years, children can have fun. The equipment is suitable for boys and girls and offers equal opportunities for children who enjoy moderate to vigorous activity. suggests that school age children between 6-17 need 60 minutes or more of physical activity, including muscle strengthening. It is so important to get this development on the way to help with coordination and strength building. Also confidence boosting alongside a healthy physique.


Precision Portable Quick Set Up Rebounder

Repeated kicking of the ball, using equipment like rebounders or a ball trainer, can help to build muscle and strength in the legs. Whether playing on their own, or with friends or family. Our equipment is suitable for everyone. Children can gain confidence and become less likely to experience bullying if they are a healthy size and weight.



Childhood obesity is highly talked about at the moment, due to many children having an inactive lifestyle and choosing to sit around a lot and watch television or play interactive games online. In November last year, the Guardian posted an article that showed that almost one in seven children were obese when they started primary school in England. The UK government reports that nearly a third of children aged 2-15 are overweight or obese. This is a worrying trend.

Alongside a healthy diet, children need to exercise and football is a great start to getting physical activity. Our company is a hub of information for starting off in the world of grassroots football. We have equipment suitable for all ages and for each stage of your child’s development. We all know as adults how important it is to be healthy and keep healthy. Your children are the future and we aim to help you to overcome any concerns as to how to help set your young ones off on the right journey. We are always available to help with any suggestions or queries you may have. We want the best for your children, and to make every child feel that football is for anyone.


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