Your footballing questions answered

As parents, we understand the challenges of supporting our children's footballing ambitions. Here's answers to some of the common footballing parent questions.


What age is the best age to get my child involved in football?

To be honest, any and every age, just help them get involved if they show an interest, whether they're a super keen toddler, or a teen who just fancies trying something new. There are loads of opportunities, so just ask around anyone you know who has kids involved with football and someone will be able to point you in the right direction. And whilst you're looking for something more structured, just get them a football, find a suitable space and let them play and have fun.


What does my child need to be able to play?

Football is so cheap and easy to get started with. A football is the bare minimum and take it from there. As they get more in to it, and if they get involved with training and playing with a team, they will need things like proper footwear, ie; football boots, either studs or astro depending on the surface they're playing on; shin pads; suitable clothing, ideally a sports t-shirt, shorts and socks; and if playing outdoors in the winter, base layers and over layers too. Then there are loads of great, fun equipment you can get to help them hone their skills at home, such cones, goals, rebounders, and training aids.


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