Our Story

ChildrensFootball.com was founded by parents of primary school kids who were continually hearing people say they were unsure what to do or where to go when looking to get their children started on their journey into playing football.

Our idea is to provide access to resources and offer advice to the main questions that other parents and carers might have, as well as offering the products that will help enhance your kids' football playing activities.

Along the way we've been involved in helping with the running and coaching of our children's teams, experiencing so many amazing moments, as well as some of the frustrations that come with grassroots football, that we can share.

ChildrensFootball.com Team Photo, Denise, Matt and Tony

Denise, Matt and Tony

About Matt

Matt has loved football from a young age, playing in the street every night with friends as a child and growing up in a family of football enthusiasts with 2 siblings and a dad who all played the game at various levels, including his sister long before women's football became popular.

And his 2 children have followed in his passion. His son, Finn, started playing football at the age of 3 and by the age of 6 when he was starting to get involved in his first Under 7 team, Matt stepped up to start his volunteer coaching, completing his FA Level 1 in 2018.

Since then he's experienced the joy and challenges that happen on a weekly basis with running a youth grassroots football team and helped lots of children begin their love of playing the game.


About Denise

Denise is mum to two boys, Josh and Ben, one who loves footballl.... and one not so much! The youngest Josh, and has played football since he was 3, and went to his first football match at Macclesfield Town FC at 2 years old!

Denise lives in Macclesfield and was one of the original Macclesfield Town Ladies team, where she played the position of left back. Being a fan of football at a young age, but only having the opportunity to play from the age of 15, she understands the need to get into training at a very young age, and to enjoy it!


About Tony

Tony has been been a football fan for the majority of his life. He has two young sons, one of which plays football every day and one that prefers other things entirely!

They love going to games together and are both season tickets holders for both Macclesfield FC and Leek Town, with a real passion for grassroots football.

Whilst taking and supporting his son to various locations for junior football, this has progressed to getting more involved in assisting with the coaching side and awareness of all the admin and organisation that goes with it to let them play.

Tony has always been an entrepreneur, setting up his own businesses from a young age, he has successfully ran an eCommerce business, Order.Beer, selling craft beer and personalised gifts for many years, before entering the world of Childrens Football Gifts and Sports Equipment.