Child Development Through Sport

Great advice on the different football training environments for children.

We saw this shared on Twitter by Josh Hall (@Josh____Hall) and we thought it was a really good summary of what you should be looking for and asking about when considering getting your child some football coaching.

Obviously some of this is only relevant to those of you living in and around the Kent area, however there are some very good general points made which are definitely worth taking note of.

First, and one a few parents and coaches sadly forget about, is that any sporting activity should be first and foremost about the fun and enjoyment your child get from taking part.

Sport is about learning life skills as much as playing the sport itself, and as with anything, if they're enjoying what they're doing, they'll learn better and want to continue doing it.

And the other is this section below highlighting what you and a parent / carer should be expecting a coaching provider of football for young people to have in place and do.

There are so many good opportunities out there for you to get your child involved in organised football. Hopefully this helps you find the right one to develop your child's love for the beautiful game.

You can find more info on this on the website or by following them @KentFA on Twitter.


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