Bouncing back! Help master football skills with a quality rebounder.

Bouncing back! Help master football skills with a quality rebounder.

Football rebounders are great fun for kids to play with friends as well as on their own.

They can be used both by those who want to improve their outfield play and by those wanting to hone their goalkeeping skills, whether kicking and controlling, or throwing and catching. They are a great training aid to build confidence, allowing kids improve their first touch and work on their ball control. They are particularly useful when they want to work on improving their weaker foot through passing repetition.

Ones like the SPOT Rebounders are great for offering a large surface to bounce the football off at various angles and offer hours of fun, and they are easy to assemble and transport around so can be used in the garden, at a local playing field, or at a team training session.

Alternatively, you can look at something like the Replay Station Football Rebound Board which provides a hard rebound surface and can be used in various ways. It can be set up with a vertical surface for ground pass returns, or an angled surface for looped pass returns, and both can be used with either the flat surface, or the more challenging random return, variable direction rebound surface.

Our kids have a great time volleying footballs off the rebounder into their goal, especially when they're perfecting their spectacular bicycle kicks!

See our full range of football rebounders here.

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