Taking the hassle out of Christmas gifts for Monton Sports JFC

Taking the hassle out of Christmas gifts for Monton Sports JFC

We were extremely pleased to be able to help one of our new partner clubs, Monton Sports JFC, based in Salford, Greater Manchester, make all their foundation phase players very happy last weekend by fulfilling their gifts from Santa at their Christmas party.

They'd originally approached us just about supplying size 3 and size 4 footballs for 80+ kids aged from around 6 to 11 years old.

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Once we listened to what they were planning to do, we looked at some options, and using the budget they'd planned for, we were able to create a full gift bag in addition to the football, all ready to hand out to each child. The committee loved the idea, offering something extra, and saving them a lot of hassle as well.

So, then we had to get to it. With only a 7 day turnaround, we had footballs to inflate, Christmas gifts notes to design and print, and then get everything into individual ChildrensFootball.com drawstring sports bags ready for the party.

Thankfully we had an electric ball pump, otherwise we'd have definitely been looking like Popeye after inflating so many footballs! We also suggested selecting 2 colours of footballs, one for the size 3 footballs and a different colour for the size 4 footballs, to make it easier when distributing on the day.

The party sounds like it was a great success, and all the kids loved their football themed Santa gifts.


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