Top Bins: The Ultimate Goal for Every Footballer

Every football player dreams of scoring that perfect goal – the one that flies past the goalkeeper and lands flawlessly in the top corner of the net. This is what’s affectionately known in football slang as “top bins.” In this blog, we’ll explore what top bins are, why they are so coveted, and some tips and drills to help you perfect this incredible skill.

What Are Top Bins?

Top bins refers to the top corners of the goal, where the crossbar and the upright meet. Scoring in these areas is particularly challenging and impressive because it's the hardest spot for a goalkeeper to reach. A shot that hits top bins is often seen as the pinnacle of precision and skill in football.

Why Aim for Top Bins?

  1. Difficulty Level: Scoring in the top bins requires exceptional accuracy and power, making it a highlight-reel moment.
  2. Psychological Impact: A top bins goal can demoralize the opposing team and energize yours, swinging the momentum of the game.
  3. Aesthetics: There’s something incredibly satisfying and visually spectacular about a ball hitting the top corner, often resulting in loud cheers from the crowd and admiration from teammates.

How to Score Top Bins

Scoring a top bins goal isn't just about brute strength; it involves a combination of technique, practice, and precision. Here are some tips to help you aim for the top corners:

  1. Proper foot placement: Your plant foot should be positioned close to the ball, aimed at your target. This sets up the correct angle for your shot.
  2. Body position: Lean slightly over the ball to keep your shot controlled. Avoid leaning back too much, which can cause the ball to skyrocket over the goal.
  3. Striking technique: Use the inside of your foot for a more controlled shot or the laces for power. Aim to strike the ball slightly off-center to give it a bit of spin.
  4. Follow-through: Your follow-through should be directed toward your target. A good follow-through helps maintain accuracy and power.

Drills to Perfect Your Top Bins Shots

  1. Target practice: Set up small targets in the top corners of the goal during practice sessions. Aim to hit these targets consistently. Buy a Pair of Top Bins Corner Targets Now
  2. One-touch finishing: Practice receiving a pass and shooting with one touch. This simulates game situations where you have little time to set up your shot.
  3. Free kick drills: Place the ball outside the penalty area and practice free kicks, focusing on curling the ball into the top corners.

Famous Top Bins Goals

Several iconic 'top bins' goals have been etched in football history. Here are a few of our favourites, scored by some of the world's best ever players...

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick against Portsmouth: In 2008, Ronaldo scored a stunning free-kick that curved beautifully into the top corner, leaving the goalkeeper helpless.
  2. Lionel Messi’s goal against Real Madrid (2011): Messi dribbled past several defenders before slotting the ball into the top corner, which showcased his incredible skill and composure.
  3. Gareth Bale’s Champions League Final goal (2018): Bale’s overhead kick for Real Madrid against Liverpool not only found the top corner but also became one of the most unforgettable goals in Champions League history.

What's your personal favourite? Leave a comment below to tell us your most iconic top bins goals, and why you like it so much.


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