Welcome to Macclesfield FC Academy Family and Friends!

Macclesfield FC Academy

ChildrensFootball.com are proud to support Macclesfield FC Academy and the grassroots football community.


We've partnered with Macclesfield FC Academy to supply them with their football training equipment, and as part of our partnership we are also please to offer family and friends of their players an initial discount as well as earn points to redeem on our website for future orders.

Macclesfield FC Junior Academy Photo

Macclesfield FC offer a variety of academies to suit all levels of ability and ambition, from their Junior Academy to their country leading BTEC academy.

Simply use this link to claim your £5 discount voucher, which can be used off any spend of £50 or more, and activate your account to start collecting points to redeem on all your orders.

We offer a huge range of football training equipment, including rebounders, garden goals, footballs and more!

How the points work:

  • Claim your £5 discount voucher and start earning points
  • Activate your account and you'll start earning points on every order, 1 point per £1 you spend.
  • You will get £1 in your fund pot for every 100 point you earn to redeem against any future purchases at any time.
  • Earn yourself extra points for following us and sharing on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, once you've activated your account.
Spread the football love! Refer a family member or friend to this page and get a £5 discount voucher for them too.

    If you need anything else please get in touch.

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