Welcome Assure Coaching and friends!

Children's Football are proud to support Assure Coaching

Children's Football are proud to support Assure Coaching and the grassroots football community.



We've partnered with Assure Coaching to offer supporters a discount and earn points to redeem on our website. As our partner, Assure Coaching will also be rewarded with points when you order. This will enable them to buy equipment from us to support grassroots football at Assure Coaching! 

Simply use this link to claim your £5 discount voucher, that can be used off any spend of £50 or more, and you'll instantly be awarded 200 points too! Activate your account to start collecting more points to redeem on order! Plus get all the member benefits listed below and earn valuable points for your club! We offer a huge range of football training equipment, including rebounders, garden goals, footballs and more!

If you need anything else please just get in touch.

Member Benefits

Here's how you can earn points: