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Children's Football Training Gift Set for only £19.99

Children's Football Training Gift Set for only £19.99

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Get this bundle of football fun worth over £32 for only £19.99!

The Children's Football Training Set is a fantastic gift for junior football lovers and children starting out in their football journey.

Children's Football Training Starter Pack Set includes:

  • Precision Solo Kick Skills Trainer that fits a size 3, 4 or 5 Football
  • Choose a size 3, 4 or 5 Football
  • 4 Saucer cones for skills training and football goal markers - choose orange, blue, red or yellow coloured cones
  • drawstring sports bag

(Ball requires inflation, pump not included, so ensure you have a pump to hand. If you need one:

Football Size Guide by Children's Age

  • Size 3 - Under 7 (Year 2) to Under 10 (Year 5)
  • Size 4 - Under 11 (Year 6) to Under 14 (Year 9)
  • Size 5 - Under 15 (Year 10) to Adult

Precision Solo Kick Football Skills Trainer Features

Hone in your skill and develop your confidence with the Precision Solo Kick Skills Trainer. Minimise time spent chasing the ball, offering efficient solo training that improves shooting, passing, receiving, Kick ups, throw-ins and more.

  • Hardwearing Neoprene Ball wrap
  • High elastic Ball return cord. Adjustable up to 2 metres
  • Rotating cord clip allows for smooth and seamless training
  • Fits size 3, 4, & 5 footballs. Choose your football from the options.
  • Adjustable waist belt 24” to 40” waist
  • Suitable for Football, Soccer and Gaelic Football too.

Precision Fusion IMS Training Football Features:

The Fusion training football range is made to International Match ball Standard (IMS), delivering strength and durability on a host of different pitches. Their consistency in the most challenging of conditions provides players with dependable performance, instilling confidence for the big game.

  • International Match Standard training ball.
  • Textured TPU outer shell.
  • PU sealing at seams for high level of resistance to water absorption.
  • 3.5mm EVA foam backing.
  • One PV backing layer.
  • HR wound bladder with high rebound properties & polyester latex cemented winding.
The Fusion has passed rigorous testing to FIFA IMS standard for:
  • Circumference to check to ball is the perfect size
  • Sphericity to check the ball is perfectly round
  • Rebound properties at different temperatures so the ball remains optimum in any environment
  • Ball weight between tight parameters
  • Loss of pressure so the ball loses very little air over a long period of time
  • Water absorption so the ball remains playable even in the wettest conditions
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