The Smart Ball Soccer Bot Phenomenon! What Do I Do Now?

The Smart Ball Soccer Bot Phenomenon! What Do I Do Now?

The new Smart Ball Soccer Bot has been more popular than anyone ever expected. We sold out ridiculously quickly and it looks like we're not alone, judging by all the calls and messages we've been getting from customers asking us about it, leaving many with a bit of a headache this Christmas.

If you've not managed to get one for Santa to deliver this Christmas, and with new stock of the Soccer Bot not due in until the new year, we thought we'd take a look at what you could consider as alternatives to ensure there is football related fun gifts this festive period, each for under £50.

Smart Ball Counter Football

smart ball

Starting off with the sibling to the Soccer Bot, the Smart Ball is the amazing counting football. Use your feet, legs, knees, chest and shoulders to keep the Smart Ball from hitting the ground.

The Smart Ball will count and light up each time it makes contact with your body. Smart Ball counts up to 100 with sounds and phrases to spur you on. £19.99 (or bundle with a bag, bottle and pump for only £24.99) Skills Training Gift Set

Skills trainer football gift set

The Skills Training Gift Set is fantastic for junior football lovers and children starting out in their football journey.

Including a Precision Solo Kick Skills Trainer, which helps minimise time spent chasing the ball, offering efficient solo training to improves shooting, passing, receiving, kick ups, and more. Alongside a size 3, 4, or 5 football, bag, bottle and 4 cones, your child is all set to get training. £19.99

Franklin Spyderball

This new and versatile game can be set up and played on any surface from grass to sand, and even pavement. Involving one ball and a frame target, players can pass the ball using the high-performance net stretching across the target, it's great for improving reaction time, and control, and can be used as a goalkeeper training aid too. £24.99

Franklin Spyderball Christmas Gift Idea

Precision Solo Ball Return Trainer

Hone your skills and develop your confidence with the Precision Solo Ball Return Trainer.

Minimise time spent chasing the ball as the bungee cord makes sure the ball always returns back to you.

Offering efficient solo training that improves shooting, passing, receiving, kick ups, throw-ins and more. £24.99

Pop-up Goals & Football Gift Set

It's perfect for a quick, small sided game in your garden, down at the local park, or for a training session, with goals that literally pop up and you're ready to go! This set includes your choice of size 3, 4 or 5 football to suit your child's age. £34.99

Image of The two Pop-Up Goals & Football Gift Set from as Christmas Gift Idea 

Precision Quick Setup Portable Rebounder 

The ultimate training tool for young footballers on the go! Taking only 30 seconds to set up your child can be training in no time. This innovative rebounder is designed to deliver quick training drills, repetition, and improve skills and techniques. The adjustable angle feature allows for versatile training options, whilst providing a large target for your child to aim at. £29.99

Precision Mini Foot Tennis

This mini foot tennis set is ideal for fun 1 v 1 challenges to help improve first touch, control, and skill training in a tight area. £34.99

Precision Mini Foot Tennis Set on as Christmas Gift Idea

Samba 2 in 1 Top Bins Corner Target Bag

The Top Bins Target Bag is ideal for keeping all your footballs together, and great fun to practice your top bins shooting! 🎯 £19.99 - you can also include a training football in size 3, 4 or 5. all for only £29.99 ⚽️

Samba 2 in 1 Top Bins Corner Target Bag on as Christmas Gift Idea


We've also just taken stock of some brilliant 3D BRXLZ products, which you can see previewed below.


View 3D BRXLZ range on

We have loads more ideas for Children's Football Gifts for Christmas including a range of goals for the garden, rebounders, training aids, goalkeeping accessories, football gift bundle, as well as lots of stocking fillers. Take a look at

To help try to soften the disappointment we've also set up a £5 off £50 spend discount for you. Use SoccerBotAlt5 at checkout or use this link which will automatically apply the discount -

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