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Aqua Champ Essential Snorkel Mask

Aqua Champ Essential Snorkel Mask

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The Bestway® Aqua Champ Essential™ Snorkel Mask is the perfect accessory for your kid’s fun underwater experience. Designed for ages 3+, the Aqua Champ Essential set includes a mask and snorkel.

UV-Protected Impact-Resistant Dual Lenses: The mask features UV-protected, polycarbonate lenses that remain strong after impact and protect your child’s eyes as they swim.

Comfortable Fit: The mask also features a leak-resistant edge skirt and has a fully adjustable head strap so it stays in place on their next underwater adventure. The snorkel mouthpiece is designed for a comfortable fit. Both the snorkel and mask are made with non-latex materials for added safety.

Wherever their next swimming adventure takes them, be sure your child takes along the Aqua Champ Essential Snorkel Mask!

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