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Fabsil Seam Sealer

Fabsil Seam Sealer

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The product is colourless, waterproof, dries to a clear finish and permanently bonds to outdoor fabric, restoring your tents and gear to fit for purpose while remaining washable. It’s ideal for sealing and repairing tents and awnings, outdoor clothing, rucksacks and tarpaulins.

How to use:

Lay article flat.
Ensure the article is clean and dry.
Use the included applicator brush for easy application.
For seams: Apply a thin, even film.
For repairs: Create a backing using an easy-to-remove tape, fill the hole and spread the solution roughly 0.5cm beyond the tear. Remove tape when dry.
Allow to dry thoroughly before using or packing away tents.

All fabrics, including nylon, canvas, polyester and rubber.

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