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Fabsil Universal Cleaner

Fabsil Universal Cleaner

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If you want your gear to last, regular cleaning is important. Even the most effective outdoor gear will begin to lose its ability to protect you against the elements over time. That's because the dirt and residue that settle on your gear all absorb water. As you explore more, your equipment gets dirtier, making it much more likely to leak.

Fortunately, Fabsil Universal Cleaner is here to help. It removes dirt from outdoor fabrics, meaning there are fewer water-absorbing impurities to impair performance, restoring any existing water-repellency. It's also ideal for preparing gear and equipment for a fresh waterproofing treatment as Fabsil proofers are more effective if applied to a clean surface. Simply clean your gear, allow to dry, then apply the Fabsil proofer of your choice. 

So, to keep your gear looking and performing at its best whatever the weather, this sponge-on product is all you need!

How to use:
This simple-to-use product is easy-to-apply and effective, just follow these 5 steps:

Brush or wipe off any loose dirt.
Dilute the cleaner as per bottle instructions.
Apply liberally, using a clean cloth or soft brush.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Allow the treated material to completely dry naturally before use.
Top Tip: 

We recommend using this to prepare your gear before adding any waterproofing treatment, such as Universal Protector.

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