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Fitness Mad Figure 8 Lifting Strap (Pair)

Fitness Mad Figure 8 Lifting Strap (Pair)

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Introducing our Figure-8 Lifting Straps, constructed to offer you a secure and comfortable grip. This strap allows you to confidently tackle heavier loads without compromising on form. The unique figure-8 design ensures a quick and snug fit around the barbell, reinforcing your grip by wrapping around both the bar and your wrists. Elevate your strength training and focus on technique with these Figure-8 Lifting Straps.


  • Secure grip: The strap securely wraps around bar and wrists, providing a padded grip for focused form during heavy lifts
  • Durable & comfortable: Crafted for lasting durability and comfort, minimising strain on hands and wrists
  • Adjustable straps: Features adjustable straps for a personalised fit

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