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Hydro-Force 12V Electric Pump

Hydro-Force 12V Electric Pump

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Save your energy for the water with the Hydro-Forceâ„¢electric pump for inflatable paddle boards, boats and more. The Hydro-Forceâ„¢ Auto-Air Electric Air Pump promises quick and easy inflation from 0-16PSI within minutes.

With the easy-to-use touch button controls and an easy-to-read LCD display screen, just set your desired pressure and let the pump do the rest. The unit selection button can switch between PSI and BAR. This Electric pump includes fully adjustable pressure settings, increasing in increments of 0.5PSI. The automatic shut-off function will trigger when the predetermined pressure is reached. Lightweight and portable, the 12V (110W) DC plug fits into a car's cigarette lighter and has a valve adapter for most professional boats with working pressures between 2-16PSI.

This electric pump’s design is perfect for easy storage and you can take it anywhere and everywhere!


The 12v Auto-Air Electric Air Pump is great for on-the-go SUP inflation; this easy-to-use 12V DC electric pump plugs straight into your car.

Makes setting up inflatables easy; inflates from 0-16PSI in minutes, the unit selection button allows you to switch between PSI and BAR.

The electric air pumps compacted size is the ideal storage and travel SUP setup accessory; dimensions 23.6cm (9.29”) x 14.2cm (5.59”) x 13.2cm (5.2”); Length x Width x Height.

A straightforward to use electric pump for inflatables; set the desired pressure with the button controls and LCD display screen, the automatic shut off triggers when the pressure is reached.

Comes with everything you need to help get you on the water; contents include 1 electric pump, 1 flexible house, 1 washer.

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