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Klaaskickz Velcro Junior Football Boots

Klaaskickz Velcro Junior Football Boots

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Klaaskickz Football Boots help children learn football easier & quicker through colours. They come with online training videos so any coach or parent can teach their kids the basics of football.

There are 8 different parts of the foot you can use in football. Klaaskickz Football Boots make it easy for both the child learning the skill and the coach/parent.

  • Pass with Green
  • Shoot with Blue
  • Say “No” to the Toe with Red

Both a Football Boot & a Training Aid. Klaaskickz Football Boots are made of comfortable synthetic fibres and have a soft insole. They are made with a technique called offset print that allows you to feel the design on the boots.

  • Loved by kids under the age of 10.
  • For Grass & Astro Use
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