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Longridge Tour Rodz Alignment Sticks 2pc

Longridge Tour Rodz Alignment Sticks 2pc

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Golf alignment sticks allow you to perform the same highly effective practice drills as used by touring professionals. With the help of the included booklet, the rods help you perform multiple training drills that enable you to practice like the pros to improve your shot accuracy, balance, ball position, putting and chipping. Placed on the ground, the rods allow you to practice you short game and alignment skills.

When placed vertically in the ground, they allow you to practice your long game and posture. The rods come in a pack of two, housed within a storing tube that fits easily into your golf bag.


  • Enhance your balance, rhythm and power
  • Instructional booklet contains several practice drills for you to develop your skills
  • Aids alignment, ball position, grip position, pivot, posture, takeaway, release, swing plane, swing path, tempo, short game, shot shaping and flexibility
  • Each tube contains 2 Tour Rodz
  • 111cm length
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