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Longridge Vector Mens 12Pcs Set

Longridge Vector Mens 12Pcs Set

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Any golf fan will appreciate the Longridge Vector Plus Men's 12pc Set. There are 9 clubs, 2 headcovers, and a cart bag included. This is an excellent set for beginners and intermediate players. The 460cc Alloy Driver has a big sweet spot to avoid miss-hitting and provides maximum size and power. A fairway wood, hybrid wood, 5x irons (#7 to #SW), and putter are included. Woods with composite graphite shafts, irons with S/S shafts, and putters with steel shafts.


Alloy driver: #1/460cc - 44"
Alloy wood: #3/18deg - 43"
Alloy hybrid: #5/24deg - 39"
Zinc Iron: 7#/37' 8#/36.5" 9#/36'' PW#/35.5'' SW#/35.5"
9 clubs, 2 headcovers and a cart bag
Perfect for beginners or intermediate players
460cc Alloy Driver offer maximum size and power, offering a large sweet spot preventing miss-hitting
Fairway wood, hybrid wood, 5x irons (#7 to #PW) and putter
Woods fitted with composite graphite shafts and irons fitted with S/S
Putter fitted with steel shaft

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