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McDavid Neoprene Adjustable Wrist Wrap

McDavid Neoprene Adjustable Wrist Wrap

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Provides thermal and compression therapy to promote healing and ease pain of non-specific wrist issues. Ultra-light, comfortable & breathable. Fits both the left and the right wrists.

  • Prevent Injuries and Recover Faster - Ideal for General Wrist Pain, Sprains, Tendonitis, & Arthritis

  • All - Sport Performance - Perfect for sports such as Strength Training, Yoga, Workouts, MMA, Golf & Tennis.

  • Four Way Stretch - For comfort and added compression.

  • Hook and Loop Clousers - For custom fit and comfort. Ideal for all-day wear.

100% Latex-free 3.2mm Neoprene (CR) - Exclusive of binding/strap/cover fabric

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