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Mitre Intercept Netball

Mitre Intercept Netball

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The Mitre Intercept Netball is a high-quality, affordable option for club and school netball teams.

This ball is popular for its soft feel and excellent grip, making it ideal for training sessions and match play.

The ball is also durable and can withstand the tough play of competitive games.

Additionally, theMitre Intercept Netball is available in both size 4 and size 5 options to suit the needs of different players.

For clubs looking to purchase netballs in bulk, the Mitre Intercept Netball is also available in a pack of 12 balls with a ball bag.

This makes it easy to transport and store the balls, and ensures that each team member has a ball to use during practice and games.

Overall, the Mitre Intercept Netball is a great option for any club or school looking for high-quality, affordable netballs.


Soft-feel and durable construction.
Stylish 'wave' emboss gives the ball added grip and makes it easier to handle.
Popular choice for clubs and schools.
Sold either per ball or in a pack of 12 with a ball bag.

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