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Mitre Customizable Scriball

Mitre Customizable Scriball

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Team Colour

Football Size Guide

Size 2 - Under 6 years old (School Year 1 and below)
Size 3 - Under 7 to 10 years old (School Years 2 to 5)
Size 4 - Under 11 to 14 years old (School Years 6 to 9)
Size 5 - Under 15 (School Year 10) to Adult

Mitre Scriball footballs are the perfect multifunctional gift for any child, whether you are into football or simply love colouring, a Scriball is the perfect birthday gift, Christmas stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. Choose your Scriball character Oodles, Zoids and Floopz!

The Scriball is a unique mini (size 1) football with five colouring pens - so a child can truly make it their own!

It comes with its own pump to inflate it, and a stand so they can proudly display their creativity.

But it isn't just for colouring - they can get out in the garden for a kick about with it, or take it with them for a fun day out at the park with some little friends too.

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