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Precision Pro Two Angled Football Rebounder

Precision Pro Two Angled Football Rebounder

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Develop your skills on the training pitch or at home in the garden with this Pro Two Angled Rebounder. Designed to cover all age groups, the two angled rebounder offers a large top angled rebounder for feet, knees, chest and head control, whilst also offering a low floor pass rebounder for passing and feet control. The high tensile mesh net offers extremely high rebound properties that will keep you ‘on you on your toes’. With the weight of the rebounder and framed design, it can be used on any surface. The rebounder also has an angle adjustment setting to work at various angles for both the top section and lower section.

Precision Pro Two Angled Football Rebounder Features:

  • Top section size: 6ft x 5ft (182.88cm x 152.40cm)
  • Lower section size: 6ft x 1.5ft (182.88cm x 45.72cm)
  • Heavy duty all-weather aluminium powder coated frame
  • Various angle adjustments
  • It can be used on any surface
  • Extremely high rebound properties
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