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PrecisionPLAY Adjustable Rebounder

PrecisionPLAY Adjustable Rebounder

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Introducing the adjustable Rebounder: your ticket to honing your skills both in the garden and on the pitch! Designed with precision and passion, this innovative training tool is engineered to elevate your game to new heights, making every practice session incredibly productive and enjoyable.


Superior Rebound Performance: Our mega rebounder features a high-tension netting system that delivers powerful and consistent rebounds, allowing players to practice various techniques like passing, shooting, and ball control with unmatched realism.

Versatile Usage: Perfect for not only football but also various other sports like Gaelic Football, Tennis, Handball & Hockey.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, this rebounder is built to endure the toughest training sessions and withstand all weather conditions. Its sturdy frame ensures stability, making it suitable for use in the garden or on the pitch.

Adjustable Angles: The rebounder offers adjustable angles, allowing you to customise the trajectory of the ball. Whether you want ground passes, high lobs, or low-driven shots, this rebounder can be tailored to meet your specific training needs, making it suitable for players of all skill levels.

Skill Development: Practice makes perfect, and with this rebounder, you can significantly enhance your passing accuracy, first touch, volleying skills, and overall ball control. Whether you're a beginner aspiring to join a team or a seasoned player aiming to refine your technique, this rebounder is the ideal training companion.

Fun for All Ages: Suitable for sports enthusiasts of all ages, this rebounder provides endless hours of entertainment while helping players develop essential skills. Gather your friends and family for friendly matches and skill-building exercises, fostering a love for the game among aspiring athletes.


Assembled size: 100cm x 100cm
Bungee tie cords and 30ply twisted polyethylene
Frame manufactured from strong 25mm powder coated steel frame
Includes: Rebounder, ground pegs & instruction manual

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