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PrecisionPLAY Skills Trainer Ramp Rebounder

PrecisionPLAY Skills Trainer Ramp Rebounder

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Introducing the PrecisionPLAY Skills Trainer Ramp Rebounder, the ultimate tool to improve your Football skills to new heights. Designed with innovation and functionality in mind, this ramp combines a Skills ramp, rebound board pass section with a chipping/storage catch basket, providing a comprehensive training experience for players of all levels.

The front of the ramp features a specially engineered design that effortlessly returns the ball at varying heights and angles, allowing players to hone their ball control, passing, volleying, and overall skills with precision and efficiency. Whether you're practicing solo in the garden or on the field with a team, the Ramp Rebounder offers an unparalleled training experience that replicates game-like scenarios, helping players develop crucial techniques in a controlled environment.

But the benefits don't stop there. Positioned at the rear of the ramp is a passing rebound board, offering additional opportunities to refine passing accuracy and touch control. Meanwhile, the integrated catch basket in the middle of the Rebounder serves a dual purpose – providing a convenient storage solution for your ball between drills and serving as a target for chipping practice.

Not only is the PrecisionPLAY Skills Trainer Ramp Rebounder highly functional, but it's also incredibly convenient to use and store away if not required for a period of time. Its unique roll/fold-away slat design allows for effortless storage and the retail packaging doesn’t take up too much space on the shelf.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, the PrecisionPLAY Skills Trainer Ramp Rebounder is your go-to tool for taking your Football skills to the next level. Elevate your game, train smarter, and unleash your full potential on the field with this innovative training solution.



Width: 83cm

Length: 110cm

Height: 75cm

Tube diameter: 25mm

Rebound Board

Size: 60cm x 30cm

Catch Basket

Size: 45cm x 30cm

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