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Rhino Ball Bag

Rhino Ball Bag

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The versatile Rhino Ball Bag is a convenient storage solution for your rugby equipment. Made from durable nylon mesh, this ball bag is designed to hold up to 14 balls and features a pocket for a small basic ball pump. Available in Rhino Blue and Charcoal Grey, the Rhino Ball Bag is perfect for organising and identifying your match and training balls with ease.

The Rhino Ball Bag is designed to simplify the organisation of your rugby equipment, making it easy to separate your match balls from your training balls when using larger ball bags. In addition, this versatile bag can also be used for keeping tag belts and tags together in one place, ensuring that your equipment stays organized and easily accessible during training sessions.

Constructed from durable nylon mesh, the Rhino Ball Bag is built to withstand the rigours of regular use, providing a reliable storage solution for your club.

Key Features:

Durable nylon mesh construction for lasting performance.
Holds up to 14 balls, perfect for teams and coaches.
Pocket for small basic pump included for added convenience.
Ideal for separating match balls from training balls in larger ball bags.
Can also be used for storing tag belts and tags together in one place.

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