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Rhino Club Kicking Tee

Rhino Club Kicking Tee

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The Rhino Club Kicking Tee is a top choice among rugby players, known for its durability and stability. This popular kicking tee is designed to help players at all levels perfect their kicking accuracy and technique.

Constructed from moulded rubber and built to endure regular training sessions, the Rhino Club Kicking Tee provides a stable platform for the ball, allowing players to focus on refining kicking skills. Available in Blue, Hot Pink, or Fluo Yellow, this eye-catching kicking tee is easily visible on the rugby pitch, making it easy for coaches to observe proper tee usage.

The Rhino Club Kicking Tee is the perfect choice for any aspiring rugby player.


Made from moulded rubber for a stable ball platform.

- Ideal for players at all levels looking to practice and improve their kicking technique.

- Available in various vibrant colours with Rhino print for easy visibility.

- Designed for durability and long-lasting use.

- Height: 4cm

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