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Rhino Players Bag

Rhino Players Bag

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The Rhino Players Bag, a versatile sportswear bag designed to cater to the needs of athletes across various sports. With a generous 69-litre capacity, this bag offers ample storage space for all your sporting gear, making it perfect for training sessions and game days.

The Rhino Players Bag will help keep your sportswear and gear organised and protected, with its separate wet storage section and extendable bottom, this bag offers the perfect combination of convenience and practicality. 


- 69-litre capacity

- Separate wet storage section to keep damp and dirty items separated.

- Extendable bottom feature to increase the size of the bag when needed.

- Durable 100% polyester construction for long-lasting use.

- Extendable bottom half for additional storage.


- Keep your gear organised and easily accessible with the Rhino Players Bag's spacious design.

- Prevent the mixing of wet and dry items, maintaining the cleanliness and lifespan of your sportswear or leisurewear.

- Rely on the Rhino Players Bag's sturdy polyester construction for additional durability and longevity.

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