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Rhino Vortex Pro Match Rugby Ball

Rhino Vortex Pro Match Rugby Ball

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The Rhino Vortex Pro stands out as a rugby match ball at the forefront of innovation and performance. Boasting cutting-edge Neo Tech rubber composite that ensures dynamic consistency and supreme grip. Furthermore, Aerosensa grip technology allows you to throw at impressive speeds and pinpoint accuracy for long distance flights on the field.

The Rhino Vortex Pro features multiple layers of dual Rubber-coated Polyester & Cotton fabric laminated together for comfort during handling as well as efficient energy transformation for powerful kicking shots. Engineered to deliver accurate flight using precision aerodynamics and perfectly balanced bladder construction, its accurate flight ensures greater overall performance during every pass, kick, or flight.

Equipped with an Airlock bladder, the Rhino Vortex Pro ball retains air remarkably well for consistent performance throughout every game. Plus, this ball undergoes 100% skill hand stitching using microwaxed 9-ply thread for impeccable craftsmanship and durability!

Rhino Vortex Pro comes pre-kicked for optimal performance from day one, ready to unleash its full potential as soon as it enters your hands.

Neo Tech Rubber Composite offers a consistent and grippable surface.
Aerosensa grip technology propels a ball with impressive speed and accuracy, encouraging long-distance flights.
Back laminated with multiple layers of dual Rubber-coated Polyester & Cotton fabric for optimal handling comfort and maximum energy transfer when kicking.
Engineered with precise aerodynamics and a perfectly balanced bladder for accurate flight.
Airlock bladders ensure long air retention and consistent performance.
Hand stitched with micro-waxed 9-ply thread for superior craftsmanship and durability.
Pre-kicked for optimal performance from the very first kick.

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