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SAC Self Adhesive Grass Seaming Tape (15M)

SAC Self Adhesive Grass Seaming Tape (15M)

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Product Description:

Make your artificial grass installation seamless and hassle-free with our Self-Adhesive Grass Seaming Tape in a convenient 10-meter roll. This high-quality tape is specially designed to bond artificial grass edges securely, providing a professional finish to your landscaping project.

Key Features:

Self-Adhesive: The tape features a strong adhesive backing for easy and effective installation.

Durable Bond: Ensures a reliable and long-lasting bond between artificial grass sections.

10-Meter Roll: Sufficient length for joining multiple seams, reducing the need for additional tape.

Versatile Use: Suitable for various artificial grass types and surfaces.

Easy Application: Simple instructions make it user-friendly, even for DIY enthusiasts.

Ideal for:
Artificial Grass Installation
Seam Joining
Landscaping Projects
Sports Facilities
Residential and Commercial Use
Package Contents:
1 Roll of Self-Adhesive Grass Seaming Tape (10 Meters)

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