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Six Peaks Adult Cycling Helmet

Six Peaks Adult Cycling Helmet

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Experience the perfect fusion of safety, comfort, and style with our Six Peaks Adult Helmet. Engineered to meet the demands of seasoned cyclists, it's the ultimate gear for your two-wheeled adventures.


Experience High-Performance Quality - Our Bike Helmet is carefully crafted with an integrated polycarbonate solid PC shell and high-density shock-absorbing EPS foam. This construction provides excellent shock absorption and drop resistance, effectively reducing impact forces and ensuring your utmost safety.

Designed for Your Comfort - Featuring a specially designed aerodynamic structure, this helmet boasts 21 vents that promote optimal airflow. This keeps your head cool and dry even during hot rides. Additionally, our bike helmets are incredibly lightweight, minimising stress on your head during extended wear.

Removable Inner Pad and Visor - The included visor with our adult bike helmet can be effortlessly and securely detached, shielding your eyes from the sun and preventing rain from interfering with your ride. The wrap-around padding enhances comfort and is easily removable for convenient cleaning. This design not only adds to the helmet's comfort but also reinforces its internal structure, ensuring a secure and breathable fit.

Adjustable and Universally Fitting - Thanks to its adjustable dial system and side straps, our bike helmet accommodates heads of all sizes, making it suitable for most teenagers and adults. For a precise fit. We recommend measuring your head circumference before purchasing.

Versatile and Comfortable - Our bike helmets come equipped with high-quality moisture-wicking linings, ensuring you stay sweat-free during hot summer commutes. Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, they are ideal for urban commuting, cycling, and scooter riding. Ride confidently with comfort and safety in mind.

Whether you're a seasoned road cyclist, a trailblazing mountain biker, or a commuter navigating the urban jungle, the Six Peaks Adult Helmet is your trusted companion for safety, comfort, and style.

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