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Superclub Manager Kit Expansion

Superclub Manager Kit Expansion

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The fictional Superclubs are great, but as all football fans know, there's just something special with your own favourite club. This expansion is your chance to truly manage your team in a game of Superclub.

The expansion comes with everything you need to be the manager of the team you love. Club branded manager folder, club pad, dice, field notes and investment cards are all here. Oh, and it gives you the ability to add a 5th manager to your next Superclub game!

  • Stunning team manager folder ❤️
  • Take notes with your teams notebook ✍️
  • Club pad with stadium, training ground and scouting network cards 🏟
  • Expands the game from 4 to 5 managers 👔
  • Beautiful game pieces 🎲
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