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Swingball All Surface Reflex Tennis Trainer

Swingball All Surface Reflex Tennis Trainer

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The high energy game that will keep you on your toes, the Swingball has been a hit with families for generations.

Swingball All Surface Reflex Tennis Trainer Features:

  • Compete to get the ball to the top or bottom of the spiral to win.
  • Comes with a real tennis ball, 2 championship bats, championship base and a height adjustable pole.
  • Isn’t just for the back garden, thanks to the all surface base you can play anywhere on any surface. Simply fill the base with sand or water and then you are ready to go.
  • It’s fun, interactive, and great for all age-groups ...but be warned - it tends to bring out that competitive streak in even the most unlikely players!
  • The Classic All Surface base converts to become a handy carry case to pack everything away making it easy to take where ever you go.
  • Age 6+ years
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