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Torq HYDRATION 500ml Bottle & 8 Mixed Sachets

Torq HYDRATION 500ml Bottle & 8 Mixed Sachets

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TORQ Hydration drink has a hypotonic formulation, making it the fastest possible way to hydrate, especially when compared to water alone or electrolyte tablets.

The perfect drink for high intensity indoor training, TORQ Hydration mixes easily with 500ml of water and contains the full volume of electrolytes lost through sweating.

Our Hydration Drink Bottle Sample Pack comprises 2 x 18g single serve sachet of all 4 Hydration flavours plus our TORQ 500ml bottle with fluid level markings for accurate mixing. TORQ bottles are BPA-free.

Flavours included: 2 x Lemon, 2 x Tangerine, 2 x Watermelon, 2 x Red Berries

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