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Uwin Champion Junior Tennis Racket

Uwin Champion Junior Tennis Racket

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The Uwin Champion Junior Tennis Racket is the ideal choice for budding young tennis stars. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, this racket offers a perfect blend of durability and maneuverability for beginners. With a comfortable grip and a design tailored to suit junior players, this racket is the perfect tool to foster a love for tennis. Its user-friendly construction and manageable weight provide young athletes with the opportunity to develop their strokes, improve their hand-eye coordination, and have endless fun on the court. Get ready to serve, rally, and ace your way to tennis success with this entry level junior racket!

Comes complete with a 3/4 length cover for easy protection on and off the court.

The Uwin Champion Junior Tennis Racket range can be used in line with the ITF's Play and Stay campaign, which is a global initiative aimed at making tennis more accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for players of all ages and skill levels. The campaign uses different-colored tennis balls to match the skill level of the players. Red balls are used for beginners (including children), orange balls for intermediate players, and green balls for more advanced players. These balls are slower and lighter than traditional tennis balls, making it easier for players to rally and enjoy the game.

The Play and Stay campaign recommends that players follow the below guide when choosing a tennis racket. The colour in brackets represents the estimated skill level of players.

  • 19” ideal for 2-4 years (Red, Stage 3)
  • 21” ideal for 4-6 years (Red, Stage 3)
  • 23” ideal for 6-8 years (Red/Orange, Stage 3/2)
  • 25” ideal for 8-10 years (Orange/Green, Stage 2/1)
  • 26” ideal for 9-11 years (Green, Stage 1)

Please Note: The racket colours in the Uwin Champion Tennis Racket range do NOT reflect stages of the Play and Stay campaign.​

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