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Wicked Mega Bounce Ball Junior

Wicked Mega Bounce Ball Junior

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Say hello to the bounciest inflatable ball the world has ever seen. Cleverly engineered for maximum bouncability, Wicked's Mega Bounce Ball is 1.41 METRES (circumference) of awesomeness that’s guaranteed to cause a commotion. Wicked Mega Bounce Ball bounces brilliantly on almost any terrain – even grass and sand – and the super grip graphics make it incredibly easy to throw and catch. This extremely durable ball is perfect for the beach, park or playground and comes with a handy foot pump.

  • Incredible 1.41 METRE circumference.

  • The world’s bounciest inflatable ball.

  • Bounces brilliantly on almost any terrain.

  • Can be enjoyed both inside and out.

  • Easy to throw and catch thanks to easy grip graphics.

  • Extremely durable.

  • Foot pump included.

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