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Wicked Mega Bounce Mini Ball

Wicked Mega Bounce Mini Ball

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As the saying goes “good things come in small packages” and the Mega Bounce Mini is no exception! This 94cm circumference inflatable ball brings all the fun of its larger counterparts, The Mega Bounce Junior and XL, but in a more compact size. The super grip surface makes catching a breeze and you’ll be having fun in no time thanks to the handy inflation tube which makes inflation easy! Just use your mouth to blow into the tube and the Mega Bounce Mini will be ready in the same time it takes to blow up a balloon!

  • Super 94cm circumference.

  • The world’s bounciest inflatable ball.

  • Bounces brilliantly on almost any terrain.

  • Can be enjoyed both inside and out.

  • Easy to throw and catch thanks to easy grip graphics.

  • Extremely durable.

  • Inflation tube included.

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