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Wilson NBA Player Icon Curry Basketball

Wilson NBA Player Icon Curry Basketball

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The game of basketball shapes the lives of the best athletes in the world, and in return they evolve the game with their style, ingenuity, and creativity. The rest of us bare witness to the unbelievable places they take the game. This basketball celebrates the players like Steph Curry who inspire the fans, innovate for the next generation and define the game as we know it today.

YOUR PLAYER: Marked with the name, number, signature and silhouette of your favorite NBA player.
TEAM COLORS: Official Team logo and colors of your favorite NBA player’s current team.
ALL SURFACE COVER: A durable all-surface cover makes this ball suitable for play on any court surface.
PERFORMANCE COVER: Outdoor cover designed for grip on rough surfaces.
AIR RETENTION: Inflation retention lining creates longer lasting air retention.
OUTDOOR DURABILITY: Designed for ultimate outdoor durability.

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