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Puma Orbita 1 EFL Sky Bet Match Football

Puma Orbita 1 EFL Sky Bet Match Football

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Top level match ball with outstanding performance criteria for the highest level of football.

High frequency molded ball Excellent shape retention, durability and reduced water absorption.

Soft touch when kicking the ball.

New 12-panel concept: Equally shaped and sized panels, provide a perfectly balanced weight contribution and the enlarged and deep seams guarantee a positive effect on the aerodynamics.

3D textured 1.2mm PU surface: improves durability and aerodynamics Newly developed POE foam: Provides a firm touch, improved consistency of rebound and explosive power.

Ball Size: 5 Colour: Puma White/Red/Blue

Football Size Guide

Size 2 - Under 6 years old (School Year 1 and below)
Size 3 - Under 7 to 10 years old (School Years 2 to 5)
Size 4 - Under 11 to 14 years old (School Years 6 to 9)
Size 5 - Under 15 (School Year 10) to Adult
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