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Full Yoga Block

Full Yoga Block

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Yoga blocks are a diverse and very versatile prop, they can be used for many poses, from helping provide lift in seated asanas to adding cushioning in shoulder stands or inversions; as well as support for the head. Avoid strain and overstretching with these yoga blocks as they allow you to gain the benefits of the yoga asana with safe and correct alignment. Ideal for use in any yoga class style. These Yoga-Mad blocks are made from high quality, scratch resistant EVA foam with chamfered edges. Normally used in pairs but sold individually, so you can choose to have as many as you require for your yoga practice. These blocks can also be used for Pilates too. 

  • Dimensions - 30.5cm x 20.5cm x 5cm.

  • Material - EVA foam.

  • EVA density - 42kg/cbm.

  • Colours available: Blue  |  Purple

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