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Grangers Down Repel

Grangers Down Repel

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Down Repel is a powerful yet gentle wash-in proofer specifically designed to protect your down and synthetic down-filled articles. You expect your down to take care of you, but don’t forget, it needs some TLC too.

The best way to take care of your down is by making sure it’s clean and fresh before reproofing, so we’d also recommend using our Down Wash or Down Wash Kit to accompany this wash-in treatment.

Your down will certainly thank you for treating it to this and, in return, you’ll be kept warm and dry and your down will last for years to come.

Use 50ml capful per large item or two smaller items. Use half a cap if handwashing.

•For best results, we recommend reproofing garments separately.

•Pour product directly into the detergent drawer of your washing machine.

•Air-dry or tumble-dry if care label permits*.

*All Grangers protection products are effective when air-dried. However, we recommend applying a small amount of heat such as a tumble dryer or hairdryer, for optimum performance.

Adds durable water-repellency.
Maximises breathability.
Restores to like-new performance.
100% Recycled bottle.
Bluesign® approved.
Effective without heat activation.
Neutral smell.

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