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Urban Fitness 4 Piece Massage Set

Urban Fitness 4 Piece Massage Set

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Easy to release pain in all areas of the body with 4 different types of massages. The peanut & massage ball will help with deep tissue massage that will increase the blood circulation and restore inflamed muscles with any of the massage tools.

  • Foam Roller - Using a foam roller will reduce pain after exercise, improve blood circulation, release muscle tightness and break down knots in muscles.

  • Massage Ball - Massage ball exercises are designed to reduce muscle tension and improve the flexibility of specific joints and muscles of the back, chest, shoulder, arm and forearm.

  • Peanut Massage Ball - The peanut massage ball targets deep into tissue muscles to effectively stimulate blood flow and reduce muscular pain and discomfort providing relief to the neck, shoulders arms, back and many more areas.

  • Foot Massage Ball - The foot massage roller helps to ease tight and tired muscles of the feet before or after exercise. Spiky surface helps channel blood directly to the tissue for health and mobility. Helps with recovering from an injury, assists in soothing plantar fasciitis or sore feet.

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